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Friday, 20 April 2007

Kondo Announces the KHR-2HV Robot

On Friday (JST), Kondo announced the successor to the KHR-1 bipedal humanoid robot that has become the defector standard for ROBO-ONE robots in Japan. The new robot includes some impressive performance and usability improvements including expanded programmability, real-time master/slave control, high performance servos, and scalable analog inputs. (More details including Japanese pricing and availability below)


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Although the KHR-2HV is listed as 'open-price', retailers in Japan are already advertising it at just fewer than 90,000 yen after tax. In addition to the expected kit configuration, there are also fully assembled and loaded versions shown as well as special package deals from some retailers that include options like gyros, a remote control, and other add-ons.
The KHR-2HV uses the RCB-3J, a modified version of the hot RCB-3 robot controller that we reviewed previously. The published specifications aren't clear on the exact modifications, but we've heard through unofficial sources that the only change was to disable the serial functionality.

The robot is programmed using a completely new version of the Heart-To-Heart software (Heart-To-Heart 3) that features drag and drop programming using flow chart type blocks and allows for conditional branching.

In addition to changes in the mechanical design like simpler resin plastic joints that should make assembly much easier than the KHR-1, Kondo has also added some nice touches like the addition of a main power switch. Interestingly, the robot interface is USB totally eliminating the prior need for a RS-232C port or conversion cable.
Kondo's targeted market release date for the new robot is June 2nd, just in time for the KHR-1 Second Anniversary Celebration.

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