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Friday, 20 April 2007

Kondo KHR-2HV bot gets robotic suit upgrade

(Images File: kondo-khr-2hv-01.jpg)

While Kondo's KHR-2HV robot is plenty capable as far as relatively inexpensive robot kits go, it isn't exactly much of a looker. Kondo doesn't appear to be quite ready to give up on the title of most eligible robot just yet though, with the company now releasing the A-621 GENEX suit to add a bit more style to our humble bucket of bolts. To show off his sporting side, Kondo's also supplying a series of decals of soccer uniforms (sold separately), which should also help him stand out at the next RoboCup. Look for the entire wardrobe to be available in Japan in the next few weeks, with the GENEX suit setting you back ?18,000 ($152) and the soccer uniform sets running ?1,260, or about ten bucks apiece.

(Via: engadget.com)

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